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Register for icareBase membership, you will receive the following enticing benefits! Benefits of iCareBase members: - Preferential price for Human Genome Program service for individual - Coupon for Human Genome Program service for Family - Documents to update knowledge of healthcare, cancer prevention. - Participate in events organized by the global partner network, opportunities for [...]

Service And Consultation Process With Doctor & Expert of program

Based on map of genetic screening - the results of general health check, counseling session with experts is a highly educational program, raising, strengthening awareness and knowledge of active disease prevention. From then, we can develop a full, proactive plan in cancer prevention for ourselves and our family Why is counseling session with doctor so [...]

Procedures, Instruction for sampling

Before taking sample Receive a sampling kit Fill in “Sampling request form” Sampling process: oral mucosa should be taken 30 mins after brushing your teeth. Do not eat, or drink anything (even water or chewing gum), do not smoke in this 30 mins Perform sampling for testing: Tear bag, take the stick. Be careful not [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Testing And Result

What is sample for GenoPAC test? Samples are oral epithelium cells taken by equipment and procedures followed recommendation of Labgenomics Why oral epithelium cells can be used as sample for genetic testing? Genetic (DNA) is the same in every cell. Oral mucosas have been studied and been put into the official procedure by Labgenomics. Besides [...]

Which organization implement the Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing will be performed at LabGenomics - the top-notch Healthcare Facility in molecular diagnostics (MDx). LabGenomics is the No. 1 company in the Korean MDx market with 17 years of experience. It developed a new MDx application by focusing on molecular and genetic research. LabGenomics secures more than 3000 hospitals and clinics as their [...]

Human Genome Program

The “Human Genome Program” is professionally guaranteed by Professor, Dr. Kampon Sriwatanakul, who is internationally recognized as an pioneer of Regenerative Medicine with over 45 years of experience in the medical industry. He has 40 publications in international journals and owns 37 clinics worldwide. In this program, Gene Technology assists in early screening of potential [...]

Mrs World Runner up Nguyen Thu Huong – Global Ambassador of Human Genome Program

Mrs World Runner-up Nguyen Thu Huong is known as the General Director of Nam Huong Media Corporation, Founder and executive of two leading networks in Vietnam and abroad - BSIN & WLIN Global. Mrs World Runner up Nguyen Thu Huong – Global Ambassador of Human Genome Program She is a famous female leader with many [...]

Professor – Doctor Kampon Sriwatanakul – The Pioneer of Regenerative Medicine

With 45 years of experience in medicine, Professor - Dr. Kampon Sriwatanakul has more than 40 publications in international journals and owns 37 clinics worldwide. He is an internationally recognized pioneer of Regenerative Medicine. He received M.D. degree and Ph.D. degree (with Honor) from Mahidol University where he had an academic career for more than [...]

What is Genetic Testing?

  Genetic testing is a medical test that helps detect mutation in chromosomes, genes or proteins. Some types of current genetic testing are genetic testing for newborns, predictive testing, testing for mutant gene sufferer, etc. What is GenoPac test? - GenoPac test is a predictive testing for possibility of developing a disease. - This test [...]


“Human Genome Program” is a community project on global health care that has been successfully performed in many countries around the world with the aim of raising public awareness of how to proactively prevent cancer, to minimize cancer-related deaths based on the "Human Genome Program" which is professionally guaranteed by Thai Professor, Doctor Kampon Sriwatanakul [...]

Current Global Cancer Situtation

Cancer is currently considered as a major threat to humanity, causing 9.6 million deaths worldwide in 2018. World Health Organization (WHO) concludes: “If cancer screening is taken early, people may discover the origins of dangerous diseases. At that time, tumors are still very small and the bad symptoms yet to appear too many. Therefore, performing [...]

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iCareBase is a platform that links high-quality services in the healthcare industry and provides to clients worldwide. With this mission, iCareBase is a connected technology, developing a global partner network. Mobilize resources from the community to support counseling, educative programs, to help community prevent disease and possess proactive health care. ICareBase's outstanding program in 2019 [...]