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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Testing And Result

    What is sample for GenoPAC test?

    Samples are oral epithelium cells taken by equipment and procedures followed recommendation of Labgenomics

    Why oral epithelium cells can be used as sample for genetic testing?

    Genetic (DNA) is the same in every cell. Oral mucosas have been studied and been put into the official procedure by Labgenomics. Besides the fact that equivalent DNA can be obtained by the same method as taking blood, this method also possesses advantages, such as: Non-invasive, time and cost saving, easy to transport and preserve, simple to do at home. According to a study of Mc.Michael and partners, oral mucosa sampling is a convenient and effective method, comparing to blood sampling.

    Why we shouldn’t eat in 30 mins?

    This is a must-do procedure 30 mins prior to sampling to ensure sample quality and quantity.

    I do not want to take samples at home, do I have any support from iCareBase?

    iCareBase’s agents are always ready to provide assistance in helping customers do sampling at facilities certified by iCareBase’s professional network. Normally, iCareBase will schedule appointments with customers at fixed times on weekdays to ensure the samples shipped to LabGenomics in recommended standard.

    What is the calendar for iCareBase’s sample receipt and transportation to Korea?

    – Before 9AM every Tuesday and Friday

    How does iCareBase ensure the accuracy of sample information?

    – The team of iCareBase has been trained in standard process in sampling, encoding, ensuring the accuracy of information for testing.

    Which partner is responsible for shipping samples to Korea?

    – iCareBase is currently co-operating with FedEx in shipping samples to Korea. Shipping standards strictly comply with FedEx.

    What are the risks during sampling and shipping? How does iCareBase team support?

    – Some possible risks: Sample is exposed to outside objects, test sample does not meet standard or administrative procedures in shipping are prolonged, etc.

    – iCareBase team will continuously support and inform customers and redo the sampling procedures when needed to ensure quality of samples sent to LabGenomics.

    When and how does customer get results?

    – Within 3 weeks since Labgenomics receives sampling.

    – iCareBase will send soft copy of results to email of each customer or authorized representative.

    – Hard copy of results will be sent after completing the consultant program

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