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  • Human Genome Program – GLOBAL COMMUNITY PROJECT

    “Human Genome Program” is a community project on global health care that has been successfully performed in many countries around the world with the aim of raising public awareness of how to proactively prevent cancer, to minimize cancer-related deaths based on the “Human Genome Program” which is professionally guaranteed by Thai Professor, Doctor Kampon Sriwatanakul and Mrs World Runner-up Nguyen Thu Huong as the Global Ambassador of this Project.

    “When we achieve success, we hope to share it with the community, to improve the health and quality of life of everyone in Vietnam, as well as other countries that we are working with” said Professor, Dr. Kampon.

    A meaningful project

    “Human Genome Program” is also considered as a meaningful project towards all strata, especially women. In the modern society, women are not only under massive pressure from life but also vulnerable to dangerous diseases, in which cancer is one of the most prominent. And most of all, women are the ones who care about family health and moreover, the health of the community.

    Your can hold your own future

    By early screening, we can fully grasp our own future as well as our family members, building a happy home, a healthy life. Don’t let things turn too late. We waste our health to make money and when we get sick, we have to use money to buy back health. That is the paradox of life

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