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  • Which organization implement the Genetic Testing?

    Genetic testing will be performed at LabGenomics – the top-notch Healthcare Facility in molecular diagnostics (MDx).

    LabGenomics is the No. 1 company in the Korean MDx market with 17 years of experience. It developed a new MDx application by focusing on molecular and genetic research. LabGenomics secures more than 3000 hospitals and clinics as their clients, including more than 200 maternity clinics. LabGenomics has more than 20 branches worldwide. GenoPAC’s results are based on demographic research of Korean and Asian.

    Genetic testing helps screen 26 types of Cancer and Chronic Diseases in Men and 27 types of Cancer and Chronic diseases in Women. The test also helps customers to know their Gene “Origin” and whether it face risk of suffering from Cancer or Chronic Disease. It can show risk level (low, medium or high). The report is like your “Gene map” in cancer and chronic disease prevention.

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